eternity era with leo

Memorable Hyde Era Moments

is the merch you received from hex sign?


No, the merch I posted was from their Milky Way concert in Seoul. I’ll post a picture of the Hex sign merch when i get them c: Some of it will probably be here in a few days.

Thank you very much! *0* <3


No problem! Glad I could help ^^

taekmeout replied to your post: i think im gonna cry

that’s a beautiful photo

such perfection

mosquitosound replied to your post: mosquitosound replied to your post: mo…

(it issss it is ;__;) ppshHH its not an…internet addiction its a vix…x…what..nervous sweating

(.______________.) pls help my mum understand because i’ve given up

hello~ sorry to bother you but what store on ebay did you get the official merch from? ^ ^


Hi, you’re not bothering me ~  It wasn’t a store actually, it was from a private person who sold it on auction. Another seller listed the diary for sale here a few days ago tho :) This isn’t the person I bought from tho, but i’ve bought from them before and they’re great sellers and trustworthy.

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(i forgot how adorable your voice is welp) oh god that sounds awful tbh ;__; /sends you power/ how dare they

(it’s nottt, stahp it) It was truly horrible. What was even worse was that my mum kept saying how “addicted i am to the internet” but im likE MUM YOU DONT UNDERSTAND ;^;


 i found this in my drafts  im pissing

Where did you get them from???


The official merchandise? I got it on eBay!

The Majesty that is the Cha. 

i think im gonna cry